Masterclass with DJ Colette

Thank you to DJ Colette for talking with us about her illustrious career! Colette gave us honest insight into her experiences as a DJ, performing, balancing her personal life, and collaborating with other producers and musicians. She started out as a promoter in the Chicago club scene, and began to reach out to other female DJ's, which led her to form the first female DJ collective called SuperJane with DJ Heather, Lady D, and Dayhota in 1997.

Colette talked about her songwriting process and how she takes on the role as an executive producer on her projects, which involves advising and making creative decisions on how to produce her songs with other producers. She balances traveling as a worldwide DJ, running her own record label, and producer collaborations with being a parent of two kids--a feat not many can claim as their own.


Jasmine Chen