Masterclass with Matt Anthony of Perfect Driver

Matt Anthony came in to talk about his process as a producer and running his label, Perfect Driver Music. Matt began with a musical background as a drummer growing up in Green Bay, MI—close to the Chicago area. It wasn’t until his first rave took place in Dallas, TX in 2001, where he became immersed in electronic music and production and started his journey as a self taught producer and DJ. Throughout his life, he’s moved around the world from Chicago, IL, Auckland, NZ, to Los Angeles, CA where he is now based. His experiences in Chicago and Auckland largely influenced his music with reggae, house, alternative-rock, and other music genres.

As the one-man machine behind Perfect Driver Records, Matt receives hundreds of eclectic demos via numerous messaging outlets—emails, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook—many of which he has put into Perfect Driver's new compilation series called Traffic Jams. You can now submit your demos using the label's new submission form which you can find here. Matt came to LA in 2009 for graphic design and print advertising work, which gave him the foundation to start Perfect Driver in 2012. He explains how good music promotion and distribution relies heavily on a strong brand connection with fans.

Matt then shared his tips and procedures for producing his tracks. He broke down how he layers and sound designs his samples and recommends reusing sounds to save time and mold an overall consistent sound as a producer and/or artist. He went over how he made his own presets on Serum as well as the importance of saving automation parameters as an Ableton Instrument Rack preset. For the rhythm section, he uses classic house music 707/808/909 sounds and uses ghost kicks to move the beat along. Using Ableton’s Glue Compressor on his drum groups helps tighten the sound to be more coherent, and LFO Tool is his go-to for keeping his bass-lines and other rhythms interesting.