Hands-on Hardware with Jimmy LaValle - Starts 08/01



IO Music Academy is honored to have Jimmy LaValle of The Album Leaf host an extra special 4-week course focused on integrating hardware instruments into your Ableton workflow. 

More info:

Knowing how to control and incorporate hardware synthesizers and drum machines is an essential and powerful tool in music creation and performance. In this special 4-week course, we’ll explore how to incorporate hardware instruments with Ableton. Some topics include; MIDI routing, recording audio, and controlling parameter changes of external hardware with a DAW. Learn about MIDI routing, channels, in/out/thru along with how to record takes, comp recordings, and overall maximizing the benefits of physical gear. This course is perfect for anyone looking at jumping into working with hardware gear or producers who would like to learn how to better use their existing equipment!

More about Jimmy:

JIMMY LAVALLE is a musician and composer who uses synthesizers and effects to create a nuanced palette of textures and dense, evocative atmospheres. His music defies easy categorization, with a style that creates soothing melodies, highlighted by jolts of unexpected dissonance. While drawing inspiration from minimalist composers and sound manipulating, LAVALLE has developed his own unique method of decorating sonic space. In 1999, JIMMY LAVALLE founded THE ALBUM LEAF, a solo studio project turned full-fledged live band. THE ALBUM LEAF has been making its mark as a soft-spoken innovator steadily and surely since 1999. The diversity of THE ALBUM LEAF’s music is second only to the diversity of the music that has inspired LaValle through the years — the artist has named everything from German Ambient/Psych bands like Can, Cluster and Harmonia to traditional mariachi music, electronic music and Brian Eno as some of his primary influences — and it’s clear that THE ALBUM LEAF is unafraid of thinking outside the box, both as an individual artist & within the larger scope of modern music.

Course Schedule

  • Wednesday, August 1st, 2018 (7-9:30pm)
  • Wednesday, August 8th, 2018 (7-9:30pm)
  • Wednesday, August 15th, 2018 (7-9:30pm)
  • Wednesday, August 23rd, 2018 (7-9:30pm)

Course Requirements:

  • Basic understanding of Ableton Live
  • Laptop with Ableton installed
  • Headphones

Course Fee:

  • $375

Limited space available.