Intro to Captain Plugins with Sara Simms (Mixed in Key)

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Event Description:

Learn how to compose a track using Captain Plugins, Mixed In Key’s award-winning plugins for music composition. Captain Plugins allows composers to write chord progressions, hooks, melodies and basslines that can be exported to your DAW. These innovative new plugins are useful songwriting and production tools for any genre of music.

Mixed In Key is the world’s most loved key detection software. Learn to use Mixed In Key to improve your DJ mixes, create mashups, remixes, and productions. Mixed In Key can help you to become a better DJ and producer; so sign up for this free workshop to step up your game.

About Sara

Sara Simms captivates the world as an innovative musician, DJ, turntablist and electronic music producer. She's a multi-instrumentalist who's known for her love of music technology.

Sara makes her mark in music by crafting diverse sets with styles ranging from pulsating techno to house. She balances technical skills with a refined musical sensibility and her approach to DJing focuses on improvisation through multi-deck mixing.

She's recently played sets for Allen and Heath's live broadcast at ADE, at Charivari Detroit, on Detroit's 313.FM, at Techno Taco Tuesday for MNTRA in Las Vegas and has toured through the UK with Mixed In Key.