IO x PLAG Presents: Music Production Summer Camp - Starts 08/23

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IO Music Academy and PLAG Present: Music Production Summer Camp. Dive into music production this Summer with a 3-day intensive focused on creating your own music from scratch in Ableton Live. Learn how to record ideas, build drum beats, write chord progressions, design your own sounds, and use Ableton Push for live performance! Leave the weekend feeling inspired and ready to make your own music!

All skill levels welcome.

Course Topics:

  • learn to use Ableton to create original music
  • get hands-on with Ableton and Ableton Push (along with keyboards and and other equipment!)
  • build awesome drums
  • learn synthesis & sound design with Lauren Kop AKA mini bear!
  • music theory for producers (chord progressions, melody, and more!)
  • learn to perform on Ableton Push

Course Schedule

  • Thursday, Aug 23rd (6-10pm)
  • Friday, Aug 24th (12-8pm)
  • Saturday, Aug 25th (12-8pm)

Course Requirements:

  • Laptop with Ableton installed
  • Headphones

Keyboards will be provided by IO.