Into the Mix

For experienced producers who are looking to expand their knowledge of mixing, workflow, and creativity. Gain-staging, EQ, Compression, and Saturation will be discussed at length along with practical workflow and collaboration techniques.

Final Project: 3-Song EP

11-Week Course Breakdown

  1. Rhodes Less Travelled

  2. Modal Kombat

  3. Resistance

  4. Acoustics

  5. No Pan, No Gain

  6. Making the Cut

  7. Crossing the Threshold

  8. Hot Sauce

  9. Pick Out the Pres & Stems

  10. Master Chef

  11. Final Presentation Project

Course Requirements

  • Laptop

  • Headphones

  • Ableton Live 9 (available at a 40% discount to students)

  • Completion of Level 1, 2, and 3 or proof of knowledge

Student Perks

  • Access to open hours (weekdays 5pm-7pm, opportunity to work with other students, receive extra help, etc.)

  • PDF Notes for each week's lesson

  • Access to recorded classes of each week's lesson

  • Early invites to IO workshops and masterclasses

  • Ability to book the IO studio for projects and collaborations (level 2 students and up)

  • Attend student exclusive artist in residence sessions

  • Student discounts on Ableton and other partner companies

Class Schedule

  • Summer Quarter - Starts May 29th

  • Level 4 - Tuesdays 4-6PM

  • Level 4 - Tuesdays 7-9PM


  • Single Course - $1000

  • Full Program (all four levels) - $3,750

  • Click here for full information on pricing.