Level 4

For advanced producers who have a strong understanding of making music in Ableton. Level 4 digs into the art of using real world instruments and how to enjoy the boundaries and limitations created in the process.

8-Week Course Breakdown

  1. Songwriting

  2. Vocal Recording & Microphones

  3. Vocal Production & Mixing Techniques

  4. Finishing Songs, Final Mixdowns, Preparing for Mastering

  5. Submitting Demos, Signing Tracks, Contracts, Rights

  6. Distribution & Licensing

  7. Publishing

  8. Review

Course Requirements

  • Laptop

  • Headphones

  • Ableton Live 9 (available at a 40% discount to students)

  • Completion of Level 1, 2, and 3 or proof of knowledge

Student Perks

  • Access to open hours (weekdays 5pm-7pm, opportunity to work with other students, receive extra help, etc.)

  • PDF Notes for each week's lesson

  • Access to recorded classes of each week's lesson

  • Early invites to IO workshops and masterclasses

  • Ability to book the IO studio for projects and collaborations (level 2 students and up)

  • Attend student exclusive artist in residence sessions

  • Student discounts on Ableton and other partner companies

Class Schedule

  • Summer Quarter - Starts May 29th
  • Level 4 - Tuesdays 4-6PM
  • Level 4 - Tuesdays 7-9PM


  • Single Course - $1000
  • Full Program (all four levels) - $3,750
  • Click here for full information on pricing.