What do I need for class?

1. A laptop with Ableton Live 10 installed — IO students are eligible for a 40% discount on Ableton.

2. Headphones

3. A notebook or note taking device

Is there anything else I need?

We provide an Ableton Push 2 and MIDI keyboard for class, but we recommend students purchase a MIDI keyboard for home use.

How many people will there be in my class?

Classes are limited to 12 students, workshops and special events will range in size.

How old do I have to be to enroll?

You must be 17 years old to enroll as a student.

Do you offer private lessons?

Yes, but only as part of our 3-month courses which include 3 private lessons.

Where do I park?

We recommended parking on Gower St, Selma Ave, Sunset Blvd, or the surrounding area. Please enter through the gate on Gower St attached to the north side of the building. The space is located around the corner on the second level.

More questions?

Please call us at 323-694-6410 or send us an email at