the program.

Our courses are engineered to provide an accelerated path to music creation. With Ableton Live at the center, we teach the skills necessary to develop the art of music production and break down barriers encountered along the way. For a deeper look into our curriculum and weekly class topics, click on one of the levels featured below.

level one - break through

level two - a journey into sound

level three - mix it up (and down)

level four - studio time


  • 4 levels, 10 weeks each (40 instructional classes total)

  • access to open hours (weekdays 4pm-7pm, opportunity to work with other students, receive extra help, and use our workstations)

  • access to artist in residence sessions

  • 4hrs of studio time per month for projects and collaborations

  • invites to IO workshops and masterclass events

  • access to recorded classes of each week's lesson

  • PDF Notes for each week's lesson

  • student discounts on plug-ins and sample packs

For more info about student perks, click here.


become a student

We are looking for motivated, open-minded individuals to join our community. Applicants will be contacted by one of our team members within 48 hours.