make your own music.

IO Music Academy is a Los Angeles based music production school offering in-person courses exploring the ins and outs of the world’s premiere digital audio workstation: Ableton Live. Whether you’re a newbie looking to get started, an experienced veteran seeking ways to streamline your workflow, or something in between, our classes will help you take the ideas in your head and bring them to life.



level up.


Our 4 level curriculum ensures that no matter your experience level, there’s a course designed specifically for you. Classes meet once a week for two hours and cover topics such as music theory, synthesis, sampling, sound design, mixdowns, and more.

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Community drives creativity, which is why we encourage our students to collaborate on projects, drop by for open studio sessions, and attend our numerous group workshops.




It's important to us that our students get the attention they need to excel. In addition to our classes, students will receive private mentor sessions from industry professionals, including Grammy-nominated producer & DJ Andy Caldwell. These intimate lessons will aid students in identifying their particular weaknesses, and ways to overcome them.

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go deeper.

Ableton is just the beginning; music is about the relationship between pitch and rhythm, melody and harmony, tension and release — and how these techniques come together to create something special. Getting to the core of what makes music compelling is at the heart of the IO curriculum, where we keep expression at the center and focus on creativity.


beyond the laptop.


With a fully functioning studio built right into our space, students experience what it means to sit in the producer’s chair. By combining modern techniques with vintage gear, IO students are given the opportunity to explore a multi-faceted approach to music production that goes beyond the screen.

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get inspired.

The aim of IO Music Academy is to help our students develop their own unique style and guide them along a path of creativity and individuality.